Migrating Liquidity from V2 to V3

This guide provides instructions on migrating liquidity from XSwap V2 to V3 concentrated liquidity, thereby amplifying the efficiency of your funds.

Ensure that you do not migrate tokens with a fee-on-transfer feature, as V3 does not support tokens of this type.

  1. Open “Pools” page of XSwap Protocol V3 DEX (https://v3.xspswap.finance/#/pools). Click on “More” where you will see the “Migrate” button.

  1. Once you click on “Migrate”, you will see the list of your liquidity pools. Choose the liquidity pool that you want to migrate and click on “Manage”. This allows you to expand the selection and see the details of your position. Click “Migrate”.

  1. In the next step, you must configure the specifics of your new position in the V3 pool. Familiarize yourself with the process of adding liquidity to V3, including the selection of the fee tier and price range. Learn how to add liquidity on V3. If the specified pool is unavailable, the price will be derived from the V2 pool. Depending on your settings, a portion of tokens may be refunded to your address or they may remain in the V2 pool.

  2. Once you have configured the details, contract your LP tokens and click on the “Migrate” button.

  3. Congratulations! You have successfully migrated your position to XSwap V3. Be sure to manage your position consistently to always keep it “In Range”.

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