5.1 Make a swap

Step 1: When users click on the button “Swap” on the left side of the header, they will be navigated to the “Swap” screen.

Step 2: Users can adjust the settings by clicking on the setting icon on the right side of the Swap box. Settings include the following sectors:

- Transaction Settings:

+ Slippage Tolerance:

* Auto Slippage button: fixed 0.5%.

* Customized Slippage: Users can adjust this value to define their swap order’s tolerance.

+ Transaction Deadline: After a certain amount of time, the order will be canceled. The Default Amount is 30 minutes and users can adjust this amount.

Step 3: Users select Traded Token and Received Token by searching name or selecting from a dropdown list.

Step 4: If users want to switch the input number between Traded Token and Received Token, they can click on the switch button.

Step 5: Users input the number into the box Traded Token, afterwards the system will automatically calculate the corresponding number of Received Token.

Step 6: Users read detailed information about tokens, which include the following sectors:

+ Estimated USD value of both tokens

+ User balances of both assets

+ Expected output: the estimated number of tokens users expect to receive at the current market price.

+ Price impact: the impact that users’ swap has on the market price of this pool.

+ Minimum Receiving Amount including Slippage: the minimum amount users are guaranteed to receive. If the price slips any further, users’ transactions will revert.

+ Network Fee: the fee paid to process the swap.

- Users scroll the mouse over “Order Routing” to view the optimal route and trading fee percentage.

Step 7: Users are navigated back to the “Swap” screen. Users click on the button “Swap”.

Step 8: Users can view the final popup showing information about the swap. Users click on the button “Confirm Swap”.

Step 9: Users can view the popup of the wallet (Metamask in this example) on the right side of the screen, in which they can click on the button “Confirm” to verify the payment of trading fee for their in-process swap.

Step 10: A toast message appears to inform users about the submitted transaction.

Watch the tutorial video on Swapping Tokens in V3.

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