Rewards Token

1. Staking Rewards

Stake $XTT, earn $XTT. No minimum and no maximum!

New projects, who utilize our launchpad, can also use our staking platform to enable their community to receive staking rewards in their project tokens by staking $XTT.

Stake $XTT, earn New Project tokens.

2. Farming Rewards

When you provide liquidity to our DEX, you will be given Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens (XSP2) and you get earning rewards for providing liquidity. These LP tokens, XSP2, can be staked as well and the rewards will be in $XTT. $XTT is being minted by the main contract. This is rare and fixed. All minted $XTTs are distributed in different proportions for all pools in farming and it is dependent on the multiplier. The total rewards in the pool are shared proportionally among all the LP providers in that pool.

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