XDC Launchpad


The crypto industry is experiencing an exponential growth in its adoption and there are a lot of emerging products that rely on the decentralized market to raise capital for their business operations. XSwap has seen this rapid growth thus the XSwap AMM DEX was born. To further cater to the needs of these start up projects and with a focus on its goal to expand the XDC network, XSwap decided to have the Launchpad as well so new projects powered by XDC, who want to build in the network, will be able to raise capital for their business operations. At the same time, this allows investors to access early stage token sales at significantly lower costs before these tokens are publicly launched in the market. A win win situation for both project developers and crypto investors.

With XSwap Protocols presence and reach and by using our Launchpad, DeFi projects will get the exposure they need to get the word out about their project to the crypto community. Projects will therefore gain traction and have more participation from their community as well as some other untapped market. This also results in having project tokens easily integrated into crypto exchanges and having a wider reach to the DeFi ecosystem.

How It Works

First and foremost, project teams who are building in XDC network can use our launchpad to raise the needed funds that they can use in building their project or for their business operations. Project teams building in XDC and who are ready to launch their projects do not need to contact us to create their presale. It’s fully automatic and is payable in XDC and XTT. Projects who opt to use XTT as a payment option will get a 10% discount. That simple!

Token sales carried out through our platform will give investors more reliability knowing that presales are created through XDC launchpad.

Our launchpad can also facilitate these features below:

Our token creator allows you to generate your project token in XinFin network quickly. You don’t need to worry about coding at all. As long as you have a great project in mind and a roadmap, this is the place for you. Just start from here and we can guide you through.

Token lockers allow team members and treasuries to lock up their tokens in a smart contract. This instills trust to their community and gives assurance that the team is in for the long haul. Time locked tokens cannot be released until the lock expires. This gives investors the confidence that the project team is serious with their project and will not dump their tokens on the market.

Projects that list their tokens in our DEX are granted LP tokens when a liquidity pool is created. Like any other tokens in the blockchain, these LP tokens can be transferred to another address once the project team has them in their possession.

Having a liquidity locker allows the project team to store the LP tokens in a smart contract, revoking their rights to move the LP tokens from a start date (starting block) to an end date (ending block). This can be widely used and be regarded as an industry standard for Defi projects after they have created a liquidity pool in XSwap.

With XSwap’s Multisender, you can easily send tokens to multiple XDC addresses at one time. Focus your time on promoting your project and your airdrop instead of managing it.

Our multisender is built to accommodate the numerous standards that ensures the interoperability of projects. As such, it can facilitate the transfer of tokens that are created not just for XRC20 but also for XRC1155 and XRC721 standards.

It is easy, decentralized, fast and convenient. All you need to do is have the list of all the addresses and the token amounts that needs to be sent out and let our Multisender do the rest of the work for you. No sweat!

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