XSwap Protocol
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The focal point of most DeFi projects nowadays is the presence of the governance tokens. They are regarded as the basic foundation of all things decentralized. Developers will not be able to take pride in saying that they have built a truly decentralized platform which is better than centralized exchanges (CEX) in the absence of these tokens.
In a bid to become a fully decentralized exchange in the XDC blockchain, XSwap Protocol has already released their governance token, XSP. They have also just launched their governance platform. This is in line with the team’s plan to promote inclusivity and to enable their token holders to have a voice in the platform’s future. Token holders will now have a say on how the project will be run by just holding, staking or farming XSP.
XSwap is ultimately governed by its community through forum discussions, and whenever appropriate, voting on proposals held on XSwap Governance.
Only team members can post proposals on the XSP Governance.
It is important to note that once a governance proposal has been created by the Core team, any tokens moved to another wallet are no longer counted in the votation. This eliminates the possibility of someone from moving tokens from wallet to another to gain more votes. Each XSP token is equivalent to 1 vote and you can choose 1 option from the selection provided. The selection that gets the highest votes after the close of the votation wins.
Please check out XSwap’s Governance platform at https://gov.xspswap.finance .
Also, please watch the video on how you can exercise your right to vote in governance in XSwap Protocol - How to Vote in Governance.
Your count votes. Be a part in shaping the future of XSwap Protocol.