💸XSP Staking

This page shows you how to stake XSP.

XSP Staking Site is located here.

Staking Rules:

  • There is no minimum to stake per account.

  • Maximum to stake per account 1,000,000 XSP

  • Maximum staking contract 2,000,000,000 XSP


  • 6% APR

  • Claim your rewards and stay stake your XSP.

  • Reinvest your rewards without unstaking.

  • Reinvest your rewards even if you've staked the maximum XSP per account.

  • Stake & Unstake at anytime we don't require locked epoch.

How To Stake

  1. Go to the XSP Staking Site and click on Connect Wallet.

  2. Enter the quantity of XSP that you want to stake. Hit Max if you want to stake 1,000,000 XSP. Click Allow XSwap Protocol to use your XSP. (This process is only done time, the first time you initiated staking)

  3. Enter the spending cap for your XSP. Click on Next then Approve.

  4. Click on Stake then Confirm.

Congratulations! You have now staked your XSP.

Additional Instructions

You can add more XSP to stake as long as you haven't reached the max tokens to stake of 1,000,000 XSP.

Your rewards

  • Claim - your rewards are claimed and added to your wallet

  • Reinvest - your claimed rewards will be reinvested to earn more XSP and rewards can be reinvested even if you have reached the max tokens to stake.

Your stake

  • Unstake - choose this option if you want to unstake your staked position and your rewards will automatically be added to your wallet as well.

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