What lock duration can we choose?

You can choose from 1-52 weeks. What do you prefer?

What variables affect the XTT Pool APYs (Flexible and Fixed-Term Staking options)?

Since flexible staking and fixed-term staking options are part of the same pool, the following variables affect the APY of both:

  • Total XTT staked in flexible staking and fixed-term staking (the sum of both). The more XTT staked, the lower the APY.

  • Total locked XTT in fixed-term staking. The more XTT locked means more yield boosts, resulting in fewer XTT rewards for others (especially flexible staking).

  • The average lock duration of all XTT locked in fixed-term staking. If the average lock duration increases, APY will decrease.

Can I harvest the rewards during the locked period?

No. You can harvest the rewards only when the locked duration is ended. This is based on the yield/return we are providing as well as the technical implementations.

Can I extend the lock duration?

Yes. Extending the lock duration adds more time to your initial lock duration. When choosing to extend your lock duration, note:

New extended lock duration = initial lock duration + added duration

Can I remove my XTT from Fixed-Term staking via contract if I change my mind?

No. Your XTT cannot be removed or withdrawn from fixed-term staking at any point in time until your lock duration ends and your XTT is unlocked.

What is the "XTT Locked" amount?

The "XTT Locked" amount is a user's initial locked XTT balance plus XTT rewards to date.

XTT Locked = Initial locked XTT balance + XTT rewards

When adding more XTT to fixed-term staking, the "XTT to be locked" amount is the user's initial locked XTT balance, XTT rewards to date, and the XTT being added.

Can the Fixed-Term Staking XTT pool APY change after I lock my XTT?

Yes, the fixed-term staking XTT pool APY is variable. The fixed-term staking XTT pool APY is not fixed and is dependent on:

  • Total XTT staked in the XTT pool (the sum of both Flexible + Fixed-Term Staking).

  • The average lock duration of all XTT locked in fixed-term staking.

  • A yield boost (similar to a multiplier) calculated from a user's initial lock duration. The longer you lock your XTT, the higher the yield boost.

For example, if you lock your XTT for 52 weeks, your yield boost will be larger than if you lock your XTT for 26 weeks. The yield boost increases linearly the longer you lock your XTT.

Can I use both the Flexible Staking XTT pool and the Fixed-Term Staking XTT pool at the same time?

No. As mentioned above in the "What’s the difference" section, both options are part of the same, single pool. You currently can never have XTT in both fixed-term and flexible staking.

We have multiple solutions coming in the future to allow users to use both flexible staking and fixed-term staking at the same time, but for now, you can choose only one of them.

Is there a fee for converting Flexible Staked XTT to Fixed-Term Staked XTT?

No. There are no additional fees for moving XTT from flexible staking to fixed-term staking, only network fees.

What happens at the end of the lock duration? What is "After Burning"?

When your fixed-term staking period ends, and your XTT unlocks, you have 7 days to complete one of two options:

  • Lock your XTT to begin a new fixed-term staking period or

  • Convert your staked XTT to flexible staking (no 72-hour withdrawal fee).

During these 7 days, you will still earn XTT.

After 7 days, if you have not done one of the two options, your staked XTT will enter what is called "After Burning". With "After Burning", your XTT rewards will start to be sent to burn. The % of XTT rewards being sent to burn will linearly increase in the 180 days "After Burning" period until it reaches 100%, which means all the XTT rewards are burnt.

So, to avoid missing out on XTT rewards, we recommend starting a new fixed-term staking period or converting your XTT to flexible staking at the end of your lock staking period.

I can't find the Pool I was staking in!

You should be able to find the Pool under the β€œFinished” tab on the Pools page.

By selecting β€œStaked Only”, it will make it easier to find your assets.

Why did my earned tokens go to zero after staking/unstaking?

Don’t worry! They’re in your wallet already.

Whenever you stake or unstake from a Pool or farm, your earned tokens get harvested and sent to your wallet at the same time.

Where does the rewards from Pools come from?

There are two main types of Pools.

  1. Stake XTT, earn XTT.

  2. Stake XTT, earn other tokens.

The rewards for the "Stake XTT, earn XTT" Pools come from the XTT emissions. Each block, a number of XTT tokens are allocated as rewards for these pools.

The rewards for the "Stake XTT, earn other tokens" type are provided by the project teams who sponsor a Pool.

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