Create Pair

Warning: Create the pair carefully to fix the initial price of the token

Anyone can create a new pair and be the initial price fixer for traders.

How to create new pair for traders?

1. Connect your wallet via XDCPay, Metamask or Wallet Connect and choose the wallet that you are using.

2. Click on Pool.

3. Then, click on Create a Pair.

4. Enter the first token for your pair, in this case XDC. Then, click on Select a token.

5. Click on the token if it is listed.

6. If it is not listed, get the smart contract address and paste it in the space provided. Click on Import.

7. Input the number of the tokens needed for your pair to fix the price for traders. Then, click on Approve SRX, submit or confirm the transaction.

8. Now, click on Supply.

9. Click Confirm Supply, Submit or confirm transaction.

Note: If it’s your first time adding liquidity, the button will show Create Pool & Supply.

10. Now, you can view the pool created. You may add liquidity OR remove liquidity, if needed.

You can watch this instructional video on how to create a pair and add liquidity: Creating Pair and Adding Liquidity

Pls also watch this video if you want to add a XRC-20 token that is not listed in XSwap Protocol's dropdown menu: Adding A New Token

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